Johan Edlund hoppar av TIAMAT

09.04.2014 13:04
Johan Edlund har lämnat följande meddelande via facebook..I have decided to leave Tiamat.


 My health etc.. Doesn't work anylonger.
 I say leave because I don't claim anything Tiamat.
 If the other guys wanna continue, fine.. Go ahead. 
Get a great goodlooking vocalist, sign to Century Media & just do it. 
But I'm out & not even intrested apart from wishing all the best for the band. 
All contracts & such will be handed out to Anders, lars & Roger, if they're into it.
 I want nothing from this, I was spoiled too much of being an adult. 
Give someone a better chance.
 I will do the four festivals we have booked for the summer.
 Face it, there are other bands, plus even Tiamat might get better!  Love my brothers & thank YOU for your support! KISSES!